• Music Teacher
  • Sound Explorer
  • Artistic Director
  • Choral Conductor
  • Aspiring Composer
  • Instrument Collector
  • Sometimes Performer
  • Independent Researcher

I am based in Gothenburg, Sweden, where I share my musical playground with composer & media artist Vanessa Massera. Together we run a home-based studio where we host other artists, teach music lessons, drink coffee, jam and work.

A big chunk of my life is devoted to the art of guiding people in this form of expression that we call music. My instrument of choice is choir because (it is so much fun, yay!!! And…) it let’s me explore and implement so many interesting topics, such as linguistics, reading-aquisition, sense-making, improv-theater, text-sound and so on and on. In november of 2016 I founded an experimental vocal and object ensemble of senior ladies as a part of my ongoing research on method development.

I also enjoy collecting musical instruments and sound objects, taking pictures with my phone and learning new stuff.
I am currently available for freelance work, I’m always interested in new ideas and collaborations and I’d love to hear from you!