David Dubart is a photography enthusiast with a lovely frrrrrrrench accent whom I had the great pleasure to host for a few days while he was was visiting Göteborg on his grand tour of Scandinavia. During his stay we had a fun evening of sonic experiments, together with composer Nils Henriksson. This was the perfect opportunity to explore what could be done with my most recent findings from the vintage shop on Linnégatan: these gorgeous silver teaspoons and champagne coupes!

When striking the coupes, we found that they resonate for up to 12 seconds! Then we put water in the coupes and shook them immediately after striking and this made the tone wobble. (The tea spoons served as extra fancy mallets.) We also tried rolling objects around inside of the coupes, making them ring.

These items are now a treasured part of my collection of sound objects and the evening a treasured memory!

Check out the short clip below.

Photo: David Dubart

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