This year we chose to sing about different kinds of freedom. We opened with a big, broad-winged flock of seagulls that left even bigger seagull shadows on the wall. This choreographed landscape was the background for Karin Boye’s beautiful poem “The deep violoncelo of the night”. The performance then seamlessly turned into a choreography improvised by Maria Johnsson and a new poem, “The seagull” by Solveig von Schultz. It was so Beautiful and Poetic!

Next up was almost existential freedom in Elisabet Hermodsson’s “Song to Fårö”, where the seagulls are accompanied by other animals and creatures.

Lastly, we sang about another kind of freedom in the American folk song “Pack up your sorrows” by Pauline Baez.


Visa till Fårö

Pack up your sorrows

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