Every year in january, the composition students at the music conservatory of Gothenburg arrange a festival for new music – Sirénfestival. Konst:it held the first evening concert of the festival which spanned over the course of a whole week this year. It was an extra nerv tickling concert for us because both composers Nils Henriksson and Hanna Drakengren were in the audience and heard us perform their pieces for the first time! Konst:it will now take a break and return later this year with new repertoire. We want to thank Nino Håkansson, Rasmus Levin and Clara Bergendahl for excellent service and tech-support!

…är så stor… så stor

2018.01.15, 18.00, Ohlinsalen, Artisten


Come out to show them
Words phase and blend into a circuit of ever changing pattern. A playful nod to those before us.

… är så stor… så stor
A dramatical musical poem by composer Hanna Drakengren, with fixed media by field recordist Liis Ring.

Inspired by the structural integrity in Bach’s 2-part inventions, composer Nils Henriksson wrote this suite suggesting that a work is recognized through it’s syntactical forms and processes, thus allowing for a plurality of possible sonoric outcome while the essence of the work remains intact.

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