Kajsa Antonsson is a composer and student at the Music Conservatory of Gothenburg. She is also an active member of Konstmusiksystrar where she manages KS Rock, a soundart ensemble not unlike Konst:it.

Kajsa has held many workshops with the music of Pauline Oliveros, the pioneer who suddenly left us in December of 2016. It has become a natural component of Kajsa’s activities to hold workshops about Oliveros’ music, instructional pieces, sound objects and tactility.

Konst:it has been wanting to collaborate with Kajsa for some time now, the idea was to commission a work from her. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time and the right timing, but in January we had an even better idea – a workshop! It is both fun and easy to implement. Said and done, we invited Kajsa as a guest to one of our rehearsals.

Kajsa taught us, among other things, Rock Piece and Sound Piece by Oliveros, which were fantastic and fitting additions to our regular repertoire. Of course, we also shared our methods with Kajsa and she joined us in the improvisation circle.

The visit was highly appreciated and we warmly welcome Kajsa back whenever she’s up for it!

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