An artist-run sound art lab for sonic experiments and jam sessions

Sound Art can be seen as a field where the artist explores the expressive and artistic potential of any sonic element as a unique and powerful artistic medium. Approaching the world of sounds from an unrestricted perspective challenges the notion of boundaries between music, sound and noise, thus making the field open to every artist who wants to explore this medium for creative purposes. Our studio is located in a beautiful top-floor apartment on Hisingen in Gothenburg, Sweden, where we offer residency to traveling artists. The studio is open to all of our students and anyone who’s adventurous enough to stop by to jam and have coffee.

Playfully decorated, but with pragmatism in mind, the interior design and atmosphere promotes creativity while enabling a seamless workflow. Instruments and objects are on display while tools and electronics are neatly organized and tucked away, keeping distractions and the hassle of set up to a minimum. Many of our instruments are also available for rent. Besides the musical wonders there’s stationary, whiteboards, a printer, Wi-Fi and always coffee.